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Valuable Life Lessons

As every parent knows, there are few things more enjoyable than driving our children crazy! Perhaps it is some kind of payback for what they did to us during their toddler years? For me, it usually involves some amazing “dad jokes”, or perhaps my complete lack of shame in wearing clothes in public that are often many years older than my kids are. Sometimes, when I really want to amaze them and make them love me, I talk about Article 9 of the UCC, the priority of federal tax liens, judgments versus judgment liens, or some other fascinating aspect of due diligence.

Recently, when describing to my son what we do every day at Do Diligence, LLC, he asked me an interesting question. He asked “if public records are available online and anyone can access them, why would they want to use your company rather than just go online and search for the records themselves?”. I nearly shed a tear…it was a great question and one that we get asked quite frequently!

While I was tempted to tie in some valuable life lessons, as parents often do, I instead summed it up for him using three simple points:

  1. When conducting a UCC/Lien Search, a law firm needs much more detail about the filings than the limited information provided on the filing office’s website! For example, the UCC lien index in most Secretary of State offices provides very limited information about each filing. Most filing offices include only the type of filing, file date, file number, and debtor and secured party names. Law firms need much more than that! Law firms need a well-organized and user-friendly search report that provides additional important information, such as the collateral description for each filing, a detailed analysis of the action(s) taken by each UCC-3 filing, etc. Do Diligence, LLC, includes this essential information in every search report!

  2. Most attorneys and paralegals don’t like to waste billable time signing up for, and trying to conduct searches, using thousands of online systems all over the country. UCC liens, tax liens, judgment liens, etc. are found in over 3,000 filing offices and court houses around the country. Just signing up for an account is a nightmare, with multiple passwords, stored credit card or ACH account information, searching rules, procedures to obtain copies of documents, etc.

  3. It is extremely difficult to know and understand the statutes, rules, and nuances of every state! It is much easier to use a company such as Do Diligence, LLC, that focuses solely on due diligence search and filing services for law firms. We do this stuff all day, every day, and it is all we do!

While the FDA has not evaluated our services, our customers have also found that using Do Diligence LLC helps lower their blood pressure, allows them to sleep more soundly at night, and has enabled them to leave the office every day before the 5 o’clock rush hour starts! Please check out our newly-designed website at!


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