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Unique Pricing

Our pricing isn't different for the sake of being different, we value transparency in pricing by providing clear estimates and final invoices that match or are less than the estimate.  Results-based pricing tiers, fair copy fees, and a published price sheet are a reflection of this belief. 


Our unique pricing model is based on the number of records found.

Clear reports save time and money, meaning a reduced service charge when no records are found.


We proudly publish our prices and encourage you to review the price sheet.

We are happy to provide a comparative estimate.

Charging excessive fees for copies is unethical.  When documents are free for us, they are free for you!  If there is a fee for copies, the fee charged will be added.



 We've done the work for you with our Do Diligence and Lien Search Packages.  These packages have the most popular search types bundled to quickly order what you need.


 Our initial estimates and our final invoices are itemized, in order to provide you with a completely transparent breakdown of our service fees, correspondent costs, and statutory/advanced fees.

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