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We don't want to be a registered agent company that does a little UCC work on the side"

You may be wondering why we chose the name “Do Diligence, LLC”. After all, don’t most service companies use terms like “registered agent” or “incorporation” in their names?  


The name “Do Diligence, LLC” was chosen because it reflects the primary mission of our company: To provide law firms, corporations and financial institutions with the highest standard of customized due diligence in the industry.

While lien searching sounds simple in theory, it requires a great deal of experience to do it right.  Each state has its own statutes, rules, computer systems, and nuances. Add in the over 3000 county-level filing offices across the country, it is easy to see how challenging it can get! 


Executing an effective due diligence strategy requires expertise in not only Article 9 of the UCC, but also tax lien laws and a myriad of filing office practices.  In addition, after an effective search is conducted and liens are uncovered, it is imperative that your search report includes all the relevant details you need, in a format that makes it easier for you understand and take action.   


A lot of companies in our industry offer registered agent services, corporate filing services, licensing services, etc.; these services are in addition to lien searching and filing services. Often service companies try to be everything to everyone, and usually end up with “one size fits all” products and services that don’t really work well. 


We intentionally chose to limit our focus to due diligence products and services, so we can provide our customers with more expertise and consultation during the order. Allowing us to create much more detailed search reports to help you work with the results.   

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