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The second installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy was released a mere 6 months after I began my career in the UCC search and filing industry.  I had completed my first year of law school and quickly learned that there was more to the Uniform Commercial Code than Article 2!

For the past 18 years, I have dedicated my career to helping law firms with their legal due diligence needs.  While the roles throughout my career have been varied, they always seem to touch on searching and filing public records.  I've often said, "You can take the UCC away from the girl, but you can't take this girl away from the UCC!"

The 5 year transition period for Revised Article 9 began 7/1/2001 and I started in the midst of all the changes.  I advised clients on searching and filing under the "Old" and "New" Article 9.  Who remembers In Lieu of Filings?  Having to search where the location of the debtor and the location(s) of the collateral? Don’t even get me started on dual filing jurisdictions…

Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working in a variety of roles and with law firms across the country.  I started my journey by working directly with customers and helping them best form search and filing strategies.  I helped to build and lead a successful team dedicated to international transactional services.  I've most enjoyed my time as a Transactional Business Consultant where I advised clients on the nuances of Article 9, worked to create the best service experience, and assisted with the development of improved search reporting tools.

The top 5 reasons why Do Diligence, LLC will get me out of bed each morning:

  1. I think about my best experiences as a customer and they are almost always simple, personalized and genuine. I’m anxious to replicate that experience for our clients.

  2. I’ve always been customer focused and want to work with customers on our terms, without policies and procedures impacting the relationship.

  3. I enjoy providing information to clients in a way that is valuable to them. I strive to provide results that are easy to understand and help move the transaction along quickly.

  4. I’m a UCC and related liens nerd.Now I get to focus on it daily!

  5. I’m beyond excited for what the future will bring now that this has come to fruition. I see so much potential in this business and know my passion will make it a tremendous success!

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues from the past and build working relationships with new clients.

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