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Our Search Report

The Do Diligence, LLC Search Report makes your life easier by doing all the hard work for you! This report was designed with your workflow in mind, and is the most user-friendly in the industry.  Our report includes the collateral description for each UCC-1 filing, an analysis of the action(s) taken by each UCC-3 filing, and many other value-added features at no additional cost!

Send us what you currently use for reporting search results and we will fill in what we find on the public record. The report will be returned for your review and adding additional information.


This is our innovative report that saves you time and puts critical information where you want to see it.

  • Collateral description included

  • No records listed first

  • Streamlined report format

  • UCC-3 analysis

  • Lapse date listed

  • Enhanced tax lien reporting

  • Litigation search analysis


Let's work together to design a report that fits your needs.  We can create a standard report or one specific to a particular project/deal.


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