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It's Easy to Simplify Due Diligence

If you’ve been following the posts about the Do Diligence difference and are ready to see it your yourself, this update is for you!  

Placing an order with Do Diligence is easy, we accept orders during standard and non-standard business hours.

     1.  Call us:  1-614-934-1767

     2.  Email us:

            -East of the Mississippi:

            -West of the Mississippi:

     3.  Web Submission:

We understand that working with a new service provider may be scary at first; we promise to surprise and delight you with initial order consultation, easy to understand estimates, actionable search reports, status updates throughout the life of your order, and invoices that match or are less than the quoted price.

If you still aren’t sure, send us an order that you are currently working on.  We can provide an estimate so you can see the difference in price.  If you have search results that you want to see in our standard report, send those over and we will create one for you.  

We know you are busy, if you would like to take 15-20 minutes to discuss how Do Diligence can work with you, click here to schedule time to chat!

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