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Dreaming of the "Perfect" Search Report?

Do you have a vision of what the “perfect” search report looks like?  Would your life be much easier if you could just give your service provider the closing documents you currently use, and have them fill out the search details using your report?  

Our UCC search experts would love to work with you to create the search report of your dreams, completely customized with all the important information you desire, in a format that works for you and makes your life easier!  

We can work with any format you prefer, whether its Word, Excel, Adobe (pdf), etc.  The best part?  Our prices are the same whether you use the Do Diligence Search Report or your own customized form and format.  

If your current provider’s search report isn’t giving you exactly what you need, and you are interested in discussing the options available to you from Do Diligence, please contact us!

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